Hot Interior Design Trends for 2020

Emily Farber
Emily Farber
Published on December 27, 2019
What’s hot in 2020? Watch my video to find out what’s trending in interior design!

New year, new you, new look inside your house? If cold weather has you itching to change things up, I’ve complied a list of 10 interior design trends for 2020 to help you bring some new life into your interior spaces.

10 Interior Design Trends to Watch

After an extensive scouring of the internet, here are 10 interior home design trends to watch and consider as you bring your spaces into the next decade. Watch the video for examples of each!

  1. Grand Millennial Style. I define this style as fresh, traditional design with modern, clean lines and contemporary materials. Cool, breezy and classy, like your stylish, well-educated older cousin.
  2. Bold Monochromatics. Layers of bold monochromatic color are in, and grey on grey is out. If you’re looking for a safe color to dip your monochromatic toe into, consider the Pantone 2020 Color of the Year, “Classic Blue.” It’s strong blue that’s not quite cobalt, and reminiscent of a blue sky as it slides towards dusk. Think layers of color in bold jewel tones in walls, upholstery, and accent pieces.
  3. Mix and Matching. Real life is not a home designed like an Instagram pic. Real life is the blending of old and new. High and low style. Designer and Target. People want a lived in, comfortable feel. Unique, hand crafted and unusual items will shine and help you create a beautifully “you” space. Interior design trends, while fun, should only be used if they speak to you, and this “trend” acknowledges that we all should cultivate our own interests and tastes.
  4. Warm Earth Tones. Again, say goodbye to a palate of cool grays. Welcome the earthy tones of ochres, saffron, chocolates, greens, and terracottas. Dusky, relaxed shades of familiar colors. If you’re having trouble imagining how to mix these shades, look to nature for inspiration.
  5. Patterns. Patterns are becoming more prevalent, be it in wallpaper, title work, backsplashes, carpets, pattern matching, or layers of mismatched patterns.
  6. Bold Black and White Statements. Every room needs a splash of black to pop the other colors.
  7. Two Toned Kitchens. While white on white in the kitchen may be timeless in the eyes of many, there’s other ways to play with white. Fresh new kitchen looks move the white cupboards up and let color warm up the space below the counter. Explore how different colors bring the atmosphere. Deep navy looks nautical and chic, while soft greens harken bygone eras.
  8. Mixed metals. Don’t be shy about mixing your metals, but think in terms of two, possibly three. Plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, door hardware, knobs and pulls and curtain rods are some of places metal shines in the home. Don’t be shy of brushed gold used with restraint. it plays well with black metal and stainless/brushed nickel. Some metals accents are easier to swap out that others, so be smart in your selections. The least expensive and easiest ways to try new metals through your home are knobs and pulls.
  9. Botanical Vibes. Lush floral prints, wood grains, stone veining, imperfect shapes and organic materials will make their way into your spaces.
  10. Bold Ceilings. The surface above your head is no longer a blank space. Ceilings are now the perfect foil for color, pattern and texture. Make a statement on all surfaces!
Navy and gold are a classic combination.
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