9 Tips For Buying a Condo | What is a Condo? | Iowa City Condos and Townhomes

Emily Farber
Emily Farber
Published on June 11, 2021

9 Tips For Buying a Condo | What is a Condo?| Iowa City Condos and Townhomes

When it comes to buying a home there are certain decisions the buyer must make in order to steer the course of what types of property he or she will consider–condo, zero lot, or single family home? In this video I explain what condos and townhomes are and give NINE IMPORTANT TIPS to consider when deciding if a condo is the right place for you to call home! I have a special guest, Andy Brandt, mortgage lender with Hills Bank, who pops in the video via Zoom to explain mortgage options for condos, and I show some common examples of what condos and townhomes look like in the greater Iowa City area.

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