House Value per Square Foot? FAKE NEWS!

Emily Farber
Emily Farber
Published on August 13, 2021

If you’re looking at price per square foot as an accurate way to gauge the value of a house you’re likely going to fail! Price per square foot is one of the most simplistic methods to determine a property’s value, but that doesn’t stop websites like Zillow from presenting the number like some sort of gold standard…which then causes consumers to place too much importance it is as a valuable tool! If you plan to sell (or buy!) a house in the near future make sure you understand why price per square foot is only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to determining a property’s market value, and how to better determine value!

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00:00 Why price per square foot is not an accurate way to determine value
00:47 Intro and about Emily
01:20 Price per square foot is fake news! Why?
01:50 Why house difference matter even when size is the same
02:50 Comps are a better way to determine house value
03:36 What makes a good comp?
03:54 Adjustments and comps
04:42 Price per square foot can fail during volatile market conditions
05:24 Price per square foot can miss differences in build quality
06:05 Larger homes have a lower price per square foot
06:17 Above grade vs below grade price per square foot
06:42 Why buyers and sellers should care
07:06 Projects with ROI?
07:20 Conclusion

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