Iowa City: Cost of Living Comparison

Emily Farber
Emily Farber
Published on April 5, 2019

If you’re already living in eastern Iowa, it may not come as a news flash to some of you, but Iowa City can seem a little expensive, y’all! 💸💸🔥However, if you’re considering a move to the greater Iowa City area, it might come as a surprise! Find out how Iowa City’s cost of living compares to other Iowa towns, as well as some other regional cities. It’s important to have realistic expectations, especially when it comes to housing costs.

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How Far Will Your Dollar Go in Iowa City?

While the state of Iowa’s cost of living is 9.8% less expensive that the national average, Iowa City holds the spot as the state’s most expensive place to live. Take that with a grain of salt, though, because Iowa City is STILL 4.3% less expensive the national average in cost of living comparisons.

City to City Comparisons

If your income is $50,000, and you’re a homeowner without the need for childcare, how does that $50,000 if you’re considering a move to the greater Iowa City area? Will you need to make more to maintain your current standard of living, or will you enjoy an increased standard of living? Here’s a breakdown of what you’d need to make in order to maintain a $50,000 standard of living if you’re moving to Iowa City:

Cedar Rapids, IA to Iowa City $57,989

West Des Moines, IA to Iowa City $51,989

Davenport, IA to Iowa City $58,324

Clinton, IA, to Iowa City $63,221

Burlington, IA to Iowa City $64,514

Omaha, NE to Iowa City $53,161

Madison, WI to Iowa City $46,073

Chicago, IL to Iowa City $42,827

Denver, CO to Iowa City $34,986

San Francisco, CA to Iowa City $16,557

Would You Like To Know More?

Learn more about specific standard of living comparisons between cities with this handy Best Places calculator.

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