Why is Zillow Inaccurate?

Emily Farber
Emily Farber
Published on November 19, 2018

Nobody wants a salesperson breathing down his or her neck and pestering all the time. I get it. I hate that, too. So, I understand why consumers like Zillow and other similar websites. Zillow gives people the impression they have access to important real estate information. If only they knew that information was inaccurate more often than not! Zillow is inaccurate, plain and simple.

Zillow tricks consumers into thinking they know more than they actually do, which backfires when it’s time for smart negotiating. Zillow and other third party websites often display incorrect or outdated information. So, why not find a Realtor® that is less of a salesperson and more of a trusted consultant? That Realtor® will be able to provide accurate home data directly from the source, as well as help you interpret it in ways that matter for your local real estate market. In this YouTube video I explain why Zillow is inaccurate, not looking out for the consumer’s best interests and why Zillow Zestimates are a joke when it comes to a home’s value.

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